Terms of use

of the information and analytical system YOUSCORE for searching and processing information related to business and other activities

Access to the information and analytical system YOUSCORE for searching and processing information related to business and other activities (hereinafter referred to as the YOUSCORE System) implies obtaining information (including summary) from open sources and respective analytics related to business and other activities in Ukraine.

The YOUSCORE System is accessed through the application programming interface (API), which allows sending requests from Licensee’s software products (CRM, ERP and others), in response to which the YOUSCORE System automatically imports data to these software products.

The YOUSCORE System can be accessed and requested information can be obtained with it only from the allowed IP addresses and only after apiKey (personal authorisation code) authorisation.

During the term of the right to use the YOUSCORE System, the Licensee is entitled to:

  • access the YOUSCORE System in a manner provided for by the issued licence and/or extended licence to use the YOUSCORE System;
  • obtain information with the help of the YOUSCORE System (including summary) and respective analytics and use it in their business;
  • include data from the YOUSCORE System with any collections, databases, anthologies, encyclopedias, etc.;
  • contact the Licensor's technical support service, by using the feedback form on the website: https://youscore.com.ua/ or sending message to the Licensor's e-mail specified on the website, for any questions on using the YOUSCORE System (including those on access obstacles/denial).

The Licensee is obliged to:

  • adhere to terms and conditions of the Agreement for the right to use software products (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), of the issued licences, to the extended licence terms and to these Terms, as well as to prohibitions and restrictions stipulated therein;
  • submit valid, accurate and complete information about themselves, and other details required to abide by the Agreement (in particular valid IP addresses from which search queries are to be made, as well as any changes to them);
  • immediately report any violations of their rights regarding the YOUSCORE System by third parties to the Licensor (if the Licensee is aware of such violations), and assist the Licensor in promptly stopping such violations and in capturing evidence of their existence.

The Licensee is prohibited to:

  • decompile existing YOUSCORE System databases with intent to transfer information to other information retrieval systems or for other purposes;
  • use YOUSCORE System interface images in their own content without the Licensor’s permission;
  • enable any third parties’ (other than employees and/or authorised representatives of the Licensee) access to the YOUSCORE System;
  • distribute YOUSCORE System analytical data to third parties (including via the internet) for fees without the Licensor’s written permission;
  • interfere with the YOUSCORE System operation and try to access it using means which are not authorised by the YOUSCORE System;
  • issue permits (licences, sublicences) to third parties that are not Parties to the Agreement for the right to use the YOUSCORE System;
  • use the YOUSCORE System contrary to the Terms of Use of the YOUSCORE System or for purposes not conforming to Ukrainian law.
  • The Licensee shall refrain from using the YOUSCORE System in any manner inconsistent with the Agreement, terms of the issued licences, extended licence terms, and these Terms.
  • In the event of breach by the Licensee of prohibitions imposed by the Agreement and/or these Terms, and breach of time limits and/or conditions for royalty payment as well, the licence issued to them and/or extended licence terms of use of the YOUSCORE System may be terminated.

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